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Wellness is a state of mind, it is not something we do, it is who we become!” ~Candice Camille

Thank you for stopping by! If you have questions about our coaching, wellness programs or events.  Please submit them using the form below. To book Karen Moore to speak at your next event please email us at  or us at (912) 257-6248.

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Free Health And Wellness Discovery Session

What if you never had to go on another diet again? What if we could peel back all the failed attempts and make food secondary in your life once and for all? It can be done with proper nutrition.

I’ll help you gain energy, realize your true capacity, feel inspired and regain your youth. It’s time to be the person you know deep down you could be, if you could just shake some of the things holding you back.

We’ll develop an integrated plan designed just for you. There are no public meetings or weigh-ins. This is for you, on your terms.

Let’s talk it through in a complimentary Discovery Session. Your goals are more achievable than you think and there’s no reason to keep trying to go it alone!

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